Art Brut Exhibition

Art Brut Exhibition

Creators: Jacek Zachodny, artists form Art Brut Gallery and Studio For Social & Cultural Inclusion (Poland)


Opening date: 31.08.2018 (Friday)

Opening time: 6 pm

Place: Foyer in Art_Inkubator in Fabryka Sztuki in Lodz, 3 Tymienieckiego Street (building B)

Tickets:  free admission / prior reservation of seats is required

Viewers' age: no limits


Exhibition opening schedule:

31.08.2018 (Friday): 6 pm - until the end of the last festival's event

01.09.2018 (Saturday): 10 am - until the end of the last festival's event

02.09.2018 (Sunday): 3 pm - until the end of the last festival's event


'Words and their magic are not available to everyone. Using the language of art, including the broadly understood form of the text, the creators of Art Brut share their fascinations, sadness, emotions and joy, a sense of alienation and fear. The authors carefully observe the world, give us a different kind of look and distance to ourselves. On the other hand it is a voice often poorly audible and overlooked. With time, noticed, but still taken by many people with a pinch of salt - "specially".The creators of Art Brut take us to separate, sometimes deeply private worlds, usually hidden to the uninitiated. For some authors, words become a graphic form, an individual, secret sign. The language returns to the ancient source, to its deeply hidden roots, it creates new names, symbols and letters.'
(Jacek Zachodny, a multimedia artist, curator of exhibitions at the Art Brut Gallery)

The exhibition of the creators of the Art Brut Gallery and Studio from Wrocław will refer to this year's theme of the Retroperspektywy 2018 festival, meaning the broadly understood concept of 'word'. It will be closely related to the performative concert of Igor Gawlikowski at the festival, whose one of the ideological questions will be "Is the art handicapped if the author is handicapped?" The basis for the concert and the exhibition will be texts and visual and textual works of Art Brut and an outsider art groups, i.e. people with mental disabilities and mental disorders associated with the Art Brut Gallery in Wrocław.

The texts of these artists are usually short poetic and literary forms, among others: Wanda Sidorowicz, Marcin Guźla, Mateusz Tatarczyk, and Elwira Zacharska, but also sound and verbal recordings of these artists. The works of artists creating interesting forms from the borderline of the magazine and graphics will also be presented, using a specific language with a changed alphabet, using new letters, words and original characters and a performative text created by them, among others: Marta Nawojczyk, Agnieszka Kołodziejczyk and Maciej Tryniszewski .

In addition to the original works (drawings, paintings, collages, photography and small and large-format spatial objects), the Studio and Gallery Art Brut will display prints from scans of works and texts by artists, or presentations in multimedia frames.


Art Brut Gallery and Studio For Social & Cultural Inclusion has been run by World of Hope Association at 46A Ruska Street in Wroclaw, since 2009. Its tasks consist in presenting and actively promoting art and creative output of intellectually handicapped artists and persons with mental disorders, facilitating their social inclusion as well as searching for and implementing effective forms of support for this particular artistic group.

This is a long-term and non-commercial project of the Association. Funds for the project are raised each year from diversified sources. This is the only project of this kind in Wroclaw and one of very few in Poland. The activities of the Gallery & Studio include a series of exhibitions, art workshops, artists and authors talks as well as various social inclusion actions and creative animations. ArtBrut Gallery has so far organised over 35 collective & solo exhibitions and presentations of art brut and outsider art, has created its own art collection, maintains extensive records of its activities.

In 2013 ArtBrut Gallery received the ‘It’s Worth It’ cultural award from Gazeta Wyborcza - Wroclaw in the visual arts category. Earlier the Gallery was twice a nominee for this award. Projects by the ArtBrut Gallery And Studio for Social & Cultural Inclusion form a part of the application as well as the programme of European Capital of Culture 2016.