10 years of neTTheatre !

Title: '10 years of neTTheatre!'

Creators: neTTheatre (Poland)

Music: Paweł Passini, Beata Passini, D'Roots Brothers, Daniel Moński

Light: Damian Bakalarz

Sound: Tomasz Kraśkiewicz

Visuals: Maria Porzyc

Cast: Mariusz Bonaszewski, Paweł Janyst, Paweł Passini, Beata Passini, D'Roots Brothers, Daniel Moński


Date: 02.09.2018 (Friday)

Time: 8 pm

Place: Stage in Art_Inkubator in Fabryka Sztuki in Lodz, 3 Tymienieckiego Street

Tickets: 30 pln / 20 pln

Duration: 120 minutes (no intermissions)

Viewer's age: 12+



neTTheatre is 10 years old! Therefore, we invite you to an evening full of memories and new experiences. The concert on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the neTTeatru activity is the music of words and words extracted from music. The feast of our theater and our friends gathered around it. Fragments of the performances 'Kukła. Księga Blasku', 'HIDEOUT / Kryjówka', 'Poles', 'Sign of Jonah' , 'Dybbuk' , 'Hindełe. Siesta sztukmistrza'. And of course the element of improvisation, which unfailingly triggers when Mariusz Bonaszewski, D'Roots Brothers, Paweł Janyst, Daniel Moński and Beata and Paweł Passini meet on stage. We will tell you about our travels on mind maps, share desires and dreams. It will be magically and warmly


Paweł Passini - theater director, composer. One of the precursors of the interactive theater trend in Poland. Founder of the world's first neTTheatre online theater. A graduate of the Directing Department of the National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw. Previously, he studied philosophy and cultural studies at the University of Warsaw. As a graduation performance, he directed Szymon An-ski's 'Dybbuk' at Teatr Nowy in Poznań. He has exhibited his performances in such theaters as Witold Gombrowicz Theatre in Gdynia, Opole Puppet Theatre in Opole, Polish Theatre in Wrocław, CHOREA Theater in Łódź, Wrocław Contemporary Theater, Polish Theater in Bielsko-Biała, Maska Theatre in Rzeszów, Juliusz Osterwa Theater in Lublin, Polish Theater in Warsaw, Helena Modrzejewska National Stary Theater in Kraków, Łaźnia Nowa Theater in Kraków, Contemporary Theater in Szczecin, National Forum of Music, The Gdańsk Shakespeare Theater in Gdańsk and the Cultural Centre in Lublin. Paweł Passini is a traveling director, he worked among others in: Israel, Finland, USA, India, Greece, Italy and Cyprus. Scholarship holder of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, winner of the Golden Masks for the performance 'Morrison / Śmiercisyn' and 'Dziady' at the Opole Puppet Theater and Herald Angel and Total Theater Award at the FRINGE Festival in Edinburgh, also received GRAND PRIX for the play 'HIDEOUT / Kryjówka' at the Kontrapunkt International Festival in Szczecin, the Konrad Swinarski Award for directing the play 'Morrison / Śmiercisyn'. From 2009 he was connected with Lublin, where neTTheatre moved to the Cultural Centre.

D'Roots Brothers - an independent group of instrumentalists of the broadly understood reggae style. The band focuses on creating and playing an instrumental layer for befriended singers. In recent years, D'RB can be found at numerous festivals around the country. D'Roots Brothers permanently cooperates with Tallib, Damian SyjonFam and Słoma. The D'RB rhythmic foundation is made up of Słomińscy brothers, Daniel (bass) and Jonasz (drums), Marcin Kisiel is responsible for guitars, and key parts are Emil Tarnowski and Bartek Grzechnik. The band has already collaborated with neTTheatre on such events on the borderline of theater and music as: Gala "European Poet of Freedom" (Gdańsk Shakespeare Theater in Gdańsk), "Requiem" (Theater Institute in Warsaw), "Children of Bew Flowers" (Night of Culture in Lublin), " Present "(New Theater Festival in Rzeszów).

Mariusz Bonaszewski - a graduate of the National Academy of Dramatic Arts in Warsaw. After graduation, he joined the Dramatic Theater in Warsaw, where he worked for 9 years. Since 1997, he belongs to the acting group of the National Theater. In his career he collaborated with many theater and film directors, including Jerzy Jarocki, Piotr Cieślak, Krzysztof Warlikowski and Jerzy Grzegorzewski. Jan Englert, Andrzej Seweryn, Andrzej Wajda, Jan Jakub Solski, Barbara Sass. He played roles on the stages of such theaters as: Teatr Dramatyczny and Teatr Narodowy in Warsaw, Polski Theater in Wrocław, Wrocław Contemporary Theater, Grand Theater - National Opera, Wybrzeże Theater. Winner of such prizes as: Aleksander Zelwerowicz for the best actor of the season 2003/2004, Silver Cross of Merit at the 5th Festival of the Polish Radio and Polish Television Theater "Two Theaters" in 2005; nomination for Golden Duck for the role in Barbara Sass-Zdort's "In the Name of the Devil" in 2012; Grand Prix for the role in the play "GethsemanI"; Feliks Warszawski in the category of "the leading role of men" in the play "Sprawa" at the National Theater.

Daniel Moński - musician, multi-instrumentalist. He plays instruments such as darabuka, daf, bendir, cajon, tabla, dhol, he also sings in overtone (kargyra, hoomey, sygyt). He has been involved in music for 11 years. Musician of the Masala SoundSystem collective. He collaborated with, among others, Stara Lipa, Yerba Mater, Beltaine, Talking Tykwa, Nell Ambientes, Alamut Gardens, Maćko Korba, Makata theater group, on the projects of Maria Pomianowska, and finally with Jędrzej "Kodym" Kodymowski (Apteka) and Maciej Cieślak ( wall). Co-organizer of many drumming workshops and festivals. He participated many times in music events related to the Middle East culture. From 2014, he was associated with neTTheatre. Co-creator of music for the play "The HIDEOUT / Kryjówka", dir. Paweł Passini and "A recipe for Leonard" dir. Łukasz Witt-Michałowski.